Lab News


April 2017: 3-year Alzheimer’s Research PhD studentship advertised

Click here for details on ARUK PhD studentship – Deadline for application May 19th 2017

March 2017: Sir Paul Nurse delivers the 2017 PGBIO Inspirational Lecture. Excellent day! Thank you Natalie for organizing and hosting.

March 2017: Congrats to Natalie who won a bronze medal at the STEM4 Britain competition.


February 2017: We welcome our 6 undergraduates for this semester: Ruby, Emma, Sam, Luke, Beth and Helen.

February 2017. Great news! Harry Horsnell, lab alumni, is recruited for a PhD in at the MRC-Laboratory of Cell and Molecular Biology in London.

January 2017: Great news! Our Alzheimer’s Research UK PhD studentship has been selected for funding.

January 2017: Well done to Natalie who has been selected to attend the STEM4 Britain competition at the London House of Parliament in March. Great achievement. Well done Natalie!

January 2017: Really sad to report the passing of our friend/colleague/lab made Jim Caunt. Jim was such a wonderful colleague, dedicated teacher and excellent scientist, he will be hugely missed. RIP Jim.

December 2016: Off to attend the last Oxford Ubiquitin Club of 2016;)

December 2016: Off to Oxford with second year PhD student Sarah to attend the MITOX Mitochondrial meeting. Sarah will present a poster on protein ubiquitination and mitochondrial metabolism. Project has just started but data look encouraging.

December 2016: We are hosting collaborator Catherine Lisdon for a seminar and to discuss data on Natalie’s project. Great talk entitled “Ubiquitin-mediated pathways in cell division”.

December. Great news! Ioanna Stefani, lab alumni, is recruited for a PhD in Lausanne.

November 2016: Great news! Natalie won Best Poster at the COST-Proteostasis meeting, well done Natalie!


November 2016: Off to Lisbon for the COST-Proteostasis Meeting, can’t wait to present our two posters!

September 2016: Welcome to 2nd year Biochemistry tutee Charlie Nutall is shadowing PhD student Natalie for a week.


August 2016: Natalie is off to Catherine Lindon’s lab, Cambridge, to carry out time lapse microscopy.

August 2016: Farewell to Res students Laia and Ioanna.

July 2016: Farewell to Rob Byrne, placement student, all the best for your final year @ Cardiff.

July 2016: visit of our lab by Alzheimer’s Research UK and local MP Ben Howlett.

June 2016: Science is international!

Cyprus, English, French, English, Belgium.

June 2016: Oxford Ubiquitin Club, seminar by Natalie Vaughan.

June 2016: Congrats to Harry Hornsell who wins the Broabent prize for for outstanding achievement throughout the course of the degree.


June 2015: Congrats to Harry Horsnell and Michael Hugues two oustanding final year project students in my lab who graduated with a 1st class BSc (hons) Biochemistry.

May 2015: Alzheimer’s’ Research UK Network Grant awarded.

May 2016: Oxford Ubiquitin Club, seminar by Robert Byrne.

March 2016: Welcome to MRes students Laia and Ioanna.

March 2016: Bath half marathon. Julien raises £360.87 for the Alzheimer’s Society.


November 2015: Alzheimer’s’ Research UK Network Meeting “Alzheimer’s Disease: Beyond the Gene”, Bristol. Seminar by Julien Licchesi.

October 2015: Sarah Jasem (Kuwaiti scholarship) starts her PhD on “Ubiquitin, brain cells and metabolism”.

October 2015: Natalie Vaughan participate in the Practical course on ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like proteins, Frankfurt Germany.

September 2015: Robert Bryne (Cardiff University) starts his placement om the ‘Biochemical characterization of E3 ligases”.

March 2015: Alzheimer’s’ Research UK Conference, Manchester.

April 2015: Oxford Ubiquitin Club, Seminar by Julien Licchesi.

February 2015: Alzheimer’s’ Research UK pilot grant awarded.

Julien Licchesi (dark hair) and Rob Williams are carrying out research into the causes of Alzheimers.

October 2014: Natalie Vaughan starts her PhD on ‘Ubiquitin and the cell cycle’.

July 2014: MRC- Laboratory of Molecular Biology Alumni Symposium 2014: Molecular Biology @ 50 and beyond.


November 2014: COST-Proteostasis meeting, Valencia.


February 2014: Royal Society Grant awarded.

November 2014: Cancer Research @ Bath Seminar by Julien Licchesi, University of Bath.

November 2014: Cell & Developmental Biology Seminar by Julien Licchesi, University of Bath.

June 1st 2013: Start of Lectureship at University of Bath.