Lab News

September: BSc (Hons) Biochemistry Tutee Kim Owen shadows PhD student Sarah  for a week. Welcome Kim.


August 2017: Farewell to Karlo and Austin who have finished their MSc in BioScience project on E3 ubiquitin ligases.

August 2017: Our project “Targeting the Ubiquitin-Proteasome System in Glioblastoma” in collaboration with Dr Kathreen Kurian (Uni of Bristol), Dr Florian Siebzehnrubl and Professor Matt Smalley (Cardiff Uni) has been selected for advertisement.

Please click MRC GW4 BioMed PhD studentship_Licchesi Lab for details. Advert also available on

Details of the position available here. Student applications will open on 24th September and close on Friday 24th November 2017.

July 2017: Julien joins the Biochemical Society Theme panel for Research area IV, Cells.

July 2017: The final published version of your Full Paper “Activity-Based Probes for HECT E3 ubiquitin ligases” by Robert Byrne is available online.

June 2017: Off to the Biochemical society conference: Deubiquintinases – from structure to physiology.

Second year PhD student presents her work on “a novel neuronal E3 ubiquitin ligase at the GW4 early career neuroscientists day 2017 in Cardiff.

June 2017: Thank you to the Bath Alumni for funding our project “A potential new target for treating brain tumours”.

May 2017: Farewell to final year project students Luke Patisson, Emma Thatcher, Ruby Coates, Samantha Haque, Bethany Gray and Helen Middleton.

Article in the Biomedical Scientist on Natalie’s STEM4 BRITAIN award.

April 2017: First paper from the lab.!Placement student Robert Byrne’s paper “Activity-Based Probes for HECT E3 ubiquitin ligases” is accepted in ChemBiochem.

April 2017: 3-year Alzheimer’s Research PhD studentship advertised

Click here for details on ARUK PhD studentship – Deadline for application May 19th 2017

March 2017: Sir Paul Nurse delivers the 2017 PGBIO Inspirational Lecture. Excellent day! Thank you Natalie for organizing and hosting.

March 2017: 38-39_bs_the_stem_for_britain_award_winners(1)


February 2017: We welcome our 6 undergraduates for this semester: Ruby, Emma, Sam, Luke, Beth and Helen.

February 2017. Great news! Harry Horsnell, lab alumni, is recruited for a PhD in at the MRC-Laboratory of Cell and Molecular Biology in London.

January 2017: Great news! Our Alzheimer’s Research UK PhD studentship has been selected for funding.

January 2017: Well done to Natalie who has been selected to attend the STEM4 Britain competition at the London House of Parliament in March. Great achievement. Well done Natalie!

January 2017: Really sad to report the passing of our friend/colleague/lab made Jim Caunt. Jim was such a wonderful colleague, dedicated teacher and excellent scientist, he will be hugely missed. RIP Jim.

December 2016: Off to attend the last Oxford Ubiquitin Club of 2016;)

December 2016: Off to Oxford with second year PhD student Sarah to attend the MITOX Mitochondrial meeting. Sarah will present a poster on protein ubiquitination and mitochondrial metabolism. Project has just started but data look encouraging.

December 2016: We are hosting collaborator Catherine Lisdon for a seminar and to discuss data on Natalie’s project. Great talk entitled “Ubiquitin-mediated pathways in cell division”.

December. Great news! Ioanna Stefani, lab alumni, is recruited for a PhD in Lausanne.

November 2016: Great news! Natalie won Best Poster at the COST-Proteostasis meeting, well done Natalie!


November 2016: Off to Lisbon for the COST-Proteostasis Meeting, can’t wait to present our two posters!

September 2016: Welcome to 2nd year Biochemistry tutee Charlie Nutall is shadowing PhD student Natalie for a week.


August 2016: Natalie is off to Catherine Lindon’s lab, Cambridge, to carry out time lapse microscopy.

August 2016: Farewell to Res students Laia and Ioanna.

July 2016: Farewell to Rob Byrne, placement student, all the best for your final year @ Cardiff.

July 2016: visit of our lab by Alzheimer’s Research UK and local MP Ben Howlett.

June 2016: Science is international!

Cyprus, English, French, English, Belgium.

June 2016: Oxford Ubiquitin Club, seminar by Natalie Vaughan.

June 2016: Congrats to Harry Hornsell who wins the Broabent prize for for outstanding achievement throughout the course of the degree.


June 2015: Congrats to Harry Horsnell and Michael Hugues two oustanding final year project students in my lab who graduated with a 1st class BSc (hons) Biochemistry.

May 2015: Alzheimer’s’ Research UK Network Grant awarded.

May 2016: Oxford Ubiquitin Club, seminar by Robert Byrne.

March 2016: Welcome to MRes students Laia and Ioanna.

March 2016: Bath half marathon. Julien raises £360.87 for the Alzheimer’s Society.


November 2015: Alzheimer’s’ Research UK Network Meeting “Alzheimer’s Disease: Beyond the Gene”, Bristol. Seminar by Julien Licchesi.

October 2015: Sarah Jasem (Kuwaiti scholarship) starts her PhD on “Ubiquitin, brain cells and metabolism”.

October 2015: Natalie Vaughan participate in the Practical course on ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like proteins, Frankfurt Germany.

September 2015: Robert Bryne (Cardiff University) starts his placement om the ‘Biochemical characterization of E3 ligases”.

March 2015: Alzheimer’s’ Research UK Conference, Manchester.

April 2015: Oxford Ubiquitin Club, Seminar by Julien Licchesi.

February 2015: Alzheimer’s’ Research UK pilot grant awarded.

Julien Licchesi (dark hair) and Rob Williams are carrying out research into the causes of Alzheimers.

October 2014: Natalie Vaughan starts her PhD on ‘Ubiquitin and the cell cycle’.

July 2014: MRC- Laboratory of Molecular Biology Alumni Symposium 2014: Molecular Biology @ 50 and beyond.


November 2014: COST-Proteostasis meeting, Valencia.


February 2014: Royal Society Grant awarded.

November 2014: Cancer Research @ Bath Seminar by Julien Licchesi, University of Bath.

November 2014: Cell & Developmental Biology Seminar by Julien Licchesi, University of Bath.

June 1st 2013: Start of Lectureship at University of Bath.